Latin American cities face many challenges such as rapid urbanization, poverty, violence, inequality, migration, climate change, and political and economic instability, all compounded by ineffective governance. Without a comprehensive and strategic response, these issues will most likely lead to a future marked by increased violence and inequality, potentially intensifying migration flows and further straining North-South relations. We’re on a mission to change that reality.


We concentrate on five key tasks to foster a collaborative approach aimed at creating the conditions to transform fragile cities into SHALOM CITIES. By uniting diverse stakeholders and creating clusters for urban transformation, we drive sustainable investments and community-led change. Our initiatives are designed to change individual lives, equip leaders, and strengthen organizations, ultimately enhancing their capacity to make a lasting difference in their communities and cities.

We identify and invest in local leaders, churches, ministries, and organizations in key cities committed to the holistic transformation of their fragile communities, including those working with displaced and migrant populations or using innovative methods to support holistic urban development.

Historic evidence indicates that significant community transformation only takes place when local community people and organizations grow in their capacity to effect lasting change. That’s why we support our partner ministries and organizations over the course of many years through funding, training, coaching, strategic consulting, leadership care, and organizational capacity building. We furthermore help incubate innovative interventions aimed at driving meaningful change for individuals and groups residing in fragile communities. In doing so, we aim to enhance their ability to scale their impact and grow in their capacity to effect lasting change.

We promote networking among our partners, encouraging strong ties and shared learning. This helps them tackle challenges beyond the scope of individual organizations. Our goal is to establish clusters for urban transformation by building broad-based coalitions and networks, made up of NGOs, faith communities, businesses and schools that are linked to wider city and government structures. The goal for these alliances is to promote more effective community transformation and to advocate for better urban development policies, fight corruption, and improve urban governance.

We encourage knowledge sharing among our partners and document effective strategies for wider use. This enables replicating and scaling successful practices in other cities and regions in Latin America. We also work with key leaders and organizations in various cities to grow our impact, aiming to form citywide and national coalitions of organizations committed to turning fragile cities into thriving Shalom Cities.

We engage in community-level and citywide research, to map local assets, produce data to better understand the phenomenon of urban fragility and migration, develop more evidence-based interventions, gain critical information to influence urban development, and put fragile communities on the map so they become more included in city planning processes.

Where we Work

Since 2021, we have invested in projects and come alongside organizations in Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Guatemala, with a special focus on Mexico, Colombia and El Salvador. We also work with the Latino immigrant community in Huntsville, AL, the headquarters of Camino Alliance USA.


We are concentrating our efforts especially on strategic cities and metro areas that meet our priorities. Our first four key cities, where we are making a long-term investment, include a world class city, capital city, and two regional urban centers:

  • The world’s fifth largest metro area
  • Over 25 million inhabitants
  • Close to 10 million live in fragile urban areas

Mexico City, Mexico

  • Capital city of El Salvador
  • Over 2 million residents

San Salvador, El Salvador

  • Fourth-largest city in Colombia
  • Almost 4 million inhabitants
  • Home to 150,000 immigrants from Venezuela

Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Over 500,000 residents
  • Regional Tech & Government Services Hub
  • Close to 40,000 Latinos

Huntsville, Alabama


Our goal is to make a lasting impact by partnering over many years with 7-10 organizations and ministries in each city. We aim to enhance their organizational capacity, help them increase their holistic impact, and foster greater collaboration among them to jointly address challenges that would be overwhelming for any organization to tackle alone. Through city-wide initiatives that promote the well-being and Shalom of their communities, mitigate migration, and integrate underprivileged urban areas into their cities, we aim to create safer, more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable urban environments.


We are dedicated to making a lasting impact in Latin America and among Latino immigrants by focusing on long-term strategies rather than short-term fixes. Recognizing that this requires a holistic approach, we support a variety of causes that align with our mission and make a positive impact on children & youth, urban poor residents, women, families, vulnerable populations, migrants, leaders and entrepreneurs. Through our strategic partnerships and thoughtful grants and financial investments, we strive to address key issues that help communities to thrive.

Explore the causes we support and join us on the journey to build a better future for Latin Americans.

  • Prayer Movements that bring Unity to the Church in a City 
  • Holistic Church Planting and Disciple-making  
  • Equipping Churches to practically serve their Neighborhoods  
  • Children and Youth Evangelism & Discipleship
  • Practical Training and Leadership Care for Community, Youth and Faith Leaders
  • Missional and Theological Training for Urban Pastors and Emerging Leaders
  • Vocational and Technical Training for Young Adults
  • Executive-level Training and Networking for Movement Leaders
  • Community Organizing and Upgrading
  • Community Health Programs
  • Holistic Programs for Children and Youth
  • Crime & Violence Prevention & Improving Neighborhood Security
  • Access to Life-Enhancing Education for all Age Groups
  • Trauma Recovery & Emotional Health Programs
  • Domestic Violence Prevention, Marriage Enrichment & Counseling Programs
  • Assistance to Vulnerable Groups
  • Community-managed Savings Initiatives
  • Financial Literacy and Stewardship Education
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Community-driven Food Security Programs
  • Urban Research and Mapping Initiatives 
  • Broad-based Coalitions and Citywide Collaborations  
  • Anticorruption, and Public Integrity Initiatives 
  • Advocacy to influence Urban Policy & Improve Urban Governance
  • Eco Tourism & Creation Care
  • Bioconstruction & Eco-friendly waste management
  • Reforestation & Enviromental Upgrading
  • Sustainable Urban Farming
  • Land rights & Tenure Security
  • Nearshoring & Tech Initiatives
  • Low-Cost Housing Solutions
  • Urban Planning & Design Solutions

Join us in this crucial effort to change lives, transform communities and cities and create a better future for Latin Americans and Latino immigrants.