Camino Alliance supports local ministries and organizations that address spiritual needs, urban poverty and migration to create thriving communities and cities rooted in Shalom.


We exist to build alliances that unleash the power of faith, justice, collaboration, and generosity to help Latin Americans and Latino Immigrants to shape brighter futures in the communities where they live.

Our work emerges from decades of hands-on experience in fragile urban contexts in Latin America and Latino communities in the United States.


Our core values, deeply rooted in our Christian faith and the rich and diverse heritage of Latin America, guide our commitment to uplifting individuals, families, and communities.

We are passionate about following Jesus, convinced that lasting transformation in the world originates from a profound change in hearts. Driven by our deep faith, this conviction inspires us to support local leaders, ministries, and organizations in fostering renewal within individuals and communities.

We believe in the power of collaboration, understanding that uniting our efforts allows us to achieve significantly more than we could alone. By cultivating strong partnerships, setting aside personal egos, and enabling others to succeed, we lay the foundation for turning fragile cities into thriving Shalom communities.

We focus on holistic transformation rather than traditional charity, acting as catalysts for innovative and sustainable solutions that enhance self-agency and lasting impact.

Our Four Focus Areas

We aim to transform fragile communities and cities in Latin America and among Latino immigrants into thriving Shalom Cities, holistically addressing urbanization, violence, spiritual needs and migration challenges. This focus on creating clusters for urban transformation is pivotal in reshaping the continent's future.

We invest in local leaders and organizations within Latin America and among Latino immigrants that are effectively addressing the spiritual needs and root causes of urban poverty and migration, creating avenues for Latin Americans and Latinos to reach their full potential.

We exist to create a philanthropic movement for Latin America, mobilizing individuals, churches, corporations and foundations, and harnessing the collective power of US-Latinos and recent immigrants to drive transformative change.

We offer specialized donor advisement services to enhance the impact of foundations, organizations, and individuals in Latin America and the Latino immigrant community. As a fiscal agent, we facilitate funding for new projects and organizations. Our services also include producing research, intelligence, and thought leadership briefings, as well as organizing educational trips to the region that blend cultural immersion with strategic learning, fostering cross-cultural connections and deeper understanding of the issues involved.


Camino Alliance's structure is strategically designed to maximize the effectiveness of our mission, with two affiliates: one in Mexico and another in the United States. Having legal presence in both Latin America and the United States allows us to broaden our reach and deepen our impact across the region.


Dr. Noel Castellanos

Born in Texas and raised in California, Noel has dedicated his career to serving Latino communities across the United States as a youth worker, pastor, community developer, and advocate for biblical justice since 1982. He spent three decades in Chicago, specifically in the La Villita neighborhood, where he also authored several books on biblical justice and community engagement. Dr. Castellanos led the Christian Community Development Association as President and CEO for 14 years, an umbrella organization serving over 2,000 Christian nonprofit organizations committed to community development.

He was appointed to the President’s Council for Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships during the Obama Administration was a founding member of the Evangelical Immigration Table, advocating for comprehensive reform of the U.S. immigration system. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors for World Vision USA. In 2019, Dr. Castellanos established Camino Alliance, focusing on addressing the root causes of urban poverty and migration in Latin America and in Huntsville, AL, where Noel currently lives and where Camino Alliance USA is headquartered. He and his wife, Marianne, have been married for 40 years and are proud parents of three children and grandparents to two grandchildren.

Jean-Luc Krieg

Born and raised in Côte d'Ivoire and of Swiss-German descent, is a social entrepreneur and minister focused on urban transformation. After earning a degree in Education in Switzerland, traveling across Latin America, and living in an urban poor neighborhood in Mexico City and Zurich’s redlight district, he moved to Philadelphia in 1997 to pursue graduate studies. In 2002, he earned an MBA in International Economic Development and a Master of Divinity. He was ordained as a minister and began working at Geneva Global Inc., a philanthropy corporation, where he supervised a team of researchers and served as Latin American coordinator and consultant for dozens of ministries and nonprofit organizations. In 2005, Jean-Luc moved back to Mexico City with a vision to help transform fragile cities into SHALOM cities.

From 2006 to 2021, he founded and led Urban Mosaic, an organization focused on urban change in Mexico City and Barranquilla, Colombia. These organizations directly benefited over 50,000 local residents. Jean-Luc has learned from successes and failures, understanding the critical need for internal growth, agility, innovation, and reorientation. In 2022, he formed a strategic partnership with Noel Castellanos, and together they established Camino Alliance LATAM, based in Mexico City. He currently serves as the executive director of Camino Alliance. In this role, his focus is to come alongside others to create clusters for urban transformation in fragile cities, with the goal of seeing more of God's Shalom there.


What is Shalom?

We define SHALOM as a state of peace, justice, wellbeing, healthy relationships, spiritual richness, and prosperity. When there is SHALOM, people can thrive in a healthy, dignifying, just and wholesome environment.

What is a Shalom City?

We define SHALOM CITIES as thriving urban centers, characterized by vibrant faith communities and a robust civil society that drive enduring change, ensuring no community is overlooked. SHALOM CITIES feature sustainable, healthy environments, flourishing businesses, effective governance, and strong institutions that support justice and ensure safety, prosperity, and well-being for all residents.

What do we want to accomplish?

We want to see fragile communities and cities transformed into SHALOM cities: thriving, hope filled and vibrant places where faith groups, civic organizations, businesses and government agencies foster inclusivity, security, resilience, and sustainability, equipping residents to drive holistic change and build viable futures, so that no one is left behind, and nothing is missing, and nothing is broken.

Join us in this crucial effort to change lives, transform cities and create a better future for Latin Americans & Latino Immigrants