Camino Alliance is focused on a long-term strategy to turn fragile cities into SHALOM CITIES. The organizations we support are characterized by their calling, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to holistic change. We closely collaborate with these partners, helping them enhance their efforts and evolve from seed projects to mature institutions leveraging significant local contributions and receiving larger grants for sustained, catalytic impacts. Our strategy is guided by the following investment philosophy:

We believe in the ability of local leaders and communities to drive change. That’s why we primarily invest in ministries and organizations that develop local leaders and work on the frontlines of spiritual and social change.

We don’t give to need but invest in initiatives that are not only effective but also scalable, aiming to foster relationships and come alongside projects with long-term potential and replicability to maximize impact.

We are committed to creating sustainable change rather than seeking short-term results. This involves investing in initiatives that have the potential for lasting impact and growth over an extended period.

We seek to build enduring partnerships rather than just engaging in one-off projects. It's about forming long-standing relationships and connections with local leaders and organizations, that will foster trust and mutual respect, and create the foundation for further collaborative efforts.

We invest in enhancing the leadership, programmatic, institutional and financial capacity of organizations over time, with the goal of coming alongside and helping them increase their ability to generate larger-scale impact on community, citywide and regional levels.

We value initiatives that bring together various organizations and stakeholders to work on joint initiatives that allow broader-based impact and approaches to problem-solving and change-making.

We invest in broader movements for change that extend beyond individual projects. It's about creating ripple effects that can influence and transform entire cities and potentially, on a national scale, through collective action and shared vision

Generosity is about sharing the resources entrusted to us to touch other peoples’s lives. What resources have been entrusted to you? Join us by using your resources to create a better future for Latin Americans and Latino immigrants.