Urban Mosaic Colombia

Barranquila - Colombia


Develop local leaders and social structures that holistically and sustainably transform their fragile cities, achieving a change toward SHALOM cities.


We see fragile cities with great potential but impacted by inequality, poverty, hopelessness, corruption, violence and weak institutions; transformed into SHALOM cities characterized by justice, wellbeing, hope, inclusion, safety, resilience, and sustainability.


Urban Mosaic started in 2017 on the periphery of Barranquilla as an offshoot of the work of Urban Transformation in Mexico City, which started there in 2007. The work began as a beta site to implement a holistic change model to address the underlying factors that cause poverty, hopelessness, violence, fragmentation, and injustice, equipping local leaders to become change agents in their own neighborhoods.

Urban Mosaic in Colombia currently works directly with 3 full time staff members, and over 70 volunteer leaders on their various initiatives..

Current Projects

  • Interventions in community
  • Infrastructure development
  • Church planting and mobilization
  • Work with children and youth
  • Public health
  • Economic development
  • Emotional recovery
  • Violence prevention
  • Peace-building and advocacy


To date, we have helped over 5,000 urban poor city dwellers in four municipalities in the greater Barranquilla metropolitan area.