Estado de mexico, MEXICO


Work towards sustainable change in fragile cities, seeking to transform them into SHALOM Cities.


Be an internationally known and recognized organization that helps catalyze more SHALOM Cities around the world.


Urban Transformation was legally incorporated in 2007 in an urban poor community on the outskirts of Mexico City. We began by developing a comprehensive change model to address the factors that cause poverty, hopelessness, violence, fragmentation, migration and injustice, equipping local leaders, organizations and faith communities to become agents of change in their own neighborhoods, through community and infrastructure development, work with children and youth, public health, economic development, emotional recovery, violence prevention, church planting and peace building. In 2019 we formally incorporated Mosaico Urbano Mexico and Mosaico Urbano Colombia to operate most of the community initiatives in Mexico City and Barranquilla, Colombia.

Urban Transformation, today, is using the experience it has gained over 17 years to focus on advocacy, consulting, training and networking of leaders and other organizations, governmental entities and socially responsible companies in missiology, sustainable development, urban change and anti-corruption work.

Current Projects

  • Urban Leadership Institute
  • Leadership Training
  • Organizational Capacity Building & Consulting
  • Training in Holistic Ministry and Theology
  • Training, Coaching and Consulting in Sustainable Development and Urban Change
  • Advocacy and Anti-corruption work
  • Grassroots Research and Best Practice Development to advance our Urban SHALOM Change Model and provide Thought Leadership

To date we are accompanying eight organizations in Mexico City, San Salvador and Barranquilla, who, in turn, serve in numerous urban communities through an array of different initiatives.