Jubilee Circle

Puebla, Mexico


The ministry of Jubilee Circle envisions a world that reflects the goodness and justice of God.


The vision of Jubilee Circle is to join with others who believe another world is possible, doing so based on faith, Creation, and the biblical Jubilee.


Their objective is to accompany the residents of San Mateo, Puebla, Mexico who are underserved by the current economy and systems of government. Their ministry objectives grow from among the people where together they learn strategies for using assets they didn’t even know they had and shape practices that embody Jubilee as a viable alternative to unjust systems that exclude.

Current Projects

In San Mateo the needs that are being addressed by the Jubilee Circle include:

  • water scarcity
  • holistic healthcare for low-income families
  • generating income for women through skills training and business formation
  • special education needs, tutoring, preschool education for young children and their parents
  • organic, regenerative food growing
  • emergency relief amid natural disaster and a health pandemic

Future Project

The goal is to grow and attend to the needs of the underserved population in a second location, San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico.

For more information, visit their website.