Florece Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador


Fulfill a need in a Christian community, with participants contributing their energy and talents, with financing provided by Florece Ecuador.


Embrace and nurture the unique strengths and abilities of each participant to meet a need, improve living standards, and share the gospel. Each venture contributes by reinvesting in ministry.


Florece Ecuador was born to meet the most immediate needs of families in Quito, especially during the covid pandemic. The first project identified, organized, and assisted five families from the Gualo Community, in planting organic family gardens. Participants worked the land, learned best farming practices and harvesting methods, and ultimately how to prepare vegetables for sale in the community.

Participants built a greenhouse for growing delicate vegetables that require protection from extreme weather. On a weekly basis, boxes of products are prepared for sale. Monthly, elderly individuals and ministerial families in the community are selected to receive free vegetable boxes. The enterprise has grown, to include fresh homemade fruit jams, also prepared by the families. The families supplement their family’s food needs, with the balance of the products sold as a co-op. A percentage of the profits from the sale of the food boxes is invested in ministry training for local leaders.

All projects follow principles of equity, fair payment, continuous training, and positive impact on the community. The goal is that each Christian individual, family, and community continue to flourish while helping and encouraging others to flourish as well.

Project goals for 2022

  • Increase the number of families participating in organic gardens.
  • Build a greenhouse for each family garden.
  • Start a new food network, with the sale of seafood from Ecuador’s coast.
  • Hold children’s soccer camp to evangelize children and their families.
  • Provide training for church leaders.

For more information contact Pastor Edison Pumisacho in Quito, Ecuador: edypumisacho@gmail.com or Rebeca Villalobos at morrelia578@aol.com

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