Creaciones Aura is an organization dedicated to train families in the tailoring trade and thus contributing to the economic development of their communities.


Creaciones Aura will be recognized as a company that promotes the entrepreneurship of Nicaraguan families, producing high-quality clothing.


Creaciones Aura was born out of crisis and made into an opportunity. It is the brainchild of Aura Antonia Castro and Aura Rosa Blandon, a 65-year old grandmother and her 46-year old daughter. Due to political upheaval in Nicaragua, the family had to flee to Honduras during the 1980s. During the 7 years that they were refugees in Honduras, the grandmother learned the tailoring trade, making dresses for her kids out of parachute fabric. Since their return to Nicaragua during the 1990s they planted over 10 churches and shared their trade with neighbors and families in some of the poorest areas of Nicaragua, where agriculture is the major livelihood and access to clothing is very expensive. In 2005 they started giving formal tailoring classes, training over 15 women and men to produce quality clothing. As a result, the small community of San Antonio de YalĂ­, in a rural area of Nicaragua, has been able to create a little more wealth for its inhabitants, as they were able to better supply their own clothing needs, reduce costs, and acquire more livestock. The Aura family itself has been able to maintain an average of $500 USD of income each month, which represents more than 200% of the average minimum wage in Nicaragua.

Unfortunately, today the situation in Nicaragua continues to be dire. Nicaragua remains one of the poorest countries on the American continent, and migration to the United States in the last three years has increased by 600%. Yet, there are still people who want to develop businesses and opportunities for families to stay together, versus migrating. Creaciones Aura has shown that this is possible and that families can be self-sustaining through tailoring businesses.

Current Projects

  • Creaciones Aura seeks to double the output of its social enterprise and train additional people who will be involved in the production of high-quality clothing, thus creating new jobs, helping families stay together, and providing the means to plant an additional church. How? By purchasing at least three new sewing machines, as well as other equipment, furniture, fixtures and materials for its implementation. We hope to begin our training program in May of 2023.