Comunidad FAST

Ciudad de Léon, Guanajuato, México


Comunidad FAST contributes to the transformation of the neighborhood of Unidad Obrera by working to empower and equip its residents to engage in its holistic growth and development by collaborating with community, religious, business, and governmental leaders.


Comunidad FAST seeks to be a witness to the transforming love of God in the neighborhood of Unidad Obrera, resulting in spiritual growth that leads to a healthy community in all areas of life.

Main Objectives

  • Engage in vigorous social analysis of the neighborhood before initiating programs
  • Solicit the participation of community residents and leaders in all activities
  • Focus our work in the neighborhood of Unidad Obrera
  • Develop committed followers of Christ and strong community leaders
  • Strategically mobilize, organize and activate to transformation the neighborhood
  • Assure that our work is sustainability and reproducible
  • Unite the community through collaboration
  • Integrate faith and action in all that we do


The Community of Faith, Social Action and Transformation (FAST) was established in the neighborhood of Unidad Obrera in León, Guanajuato in 2016. FAST is impacting its community through activities that aim to prevent violence and promote the well-being of children, adolescents, youth, and parents. The ministry is in the early stages of growth. In 2018, the ministry was incorporated as a civil society organization (NGO), and in 2019, obtained the legal status to receive donations and request funding from national and international organizations.

Current Projects

  • Comunidad FAST is building on the city’s history of growth and collaboration to address the high population of youth, drug trafficking, educational needs, and high rates of poverty and unemployment
  • Comunidad FAST recently opened a new community center to establish an organizational presence in their community
  • Comunidad FAST is establishing Casas de Paz to help its residents devote their lives to Christ and discipling new leaders

For more information about Comunidad FAST, visit their website.