Comunidad Cristiana Shalom

Costa Rica - Costa Rica


To see the holistic transformation of individuals, families and communities through the promotion of the Kingdom of God and the power of the Good News of Jesus.


To promote the Kingdom of God and his justice in our community, utilizing all of the resources entrusted to us.


Beginning with a small group of individuals from traditional church backgrounds accustomed to doing ministry within the four walls of the church, something miraculous began to happen. Guided by the Holy Spirit, they began to re-read the Gospel in a way that dealt with their frustrations of not seeing the church being an agent of God’s redemption in the world. What was birthed was a dream of becoming a subversive Kingdom movement that would change the way they did church in their community. They learned that the residents of their community, were beautiful, simple, hard-working people, far removed from the opportunities of the city, resulting in a lack of resources to address their health, educational and economic needs.

After deep theological reflection regarding the creative nature of God, CCS was free to adapt their traditional church structures in order to reach their community for Christ.

They strongly believe in the priesthood of all and all believers and in discipleship that trains people for effective ministry.

Current Projects

C.C.S. has approximately 30 ministries that have been developed to meet the holistic needs of their members and of their community. In order to accomplish this extensive ministry, every member of the church must be willing to accept Jesus’ invitation to live a full committed life as an agent of the Kingdom. All of the church’s ministries were born as an organic response to the needs of the community, and out of their commitment to misión integral, or holistic ministry.

Among the many ministries that are offered at C.C.S. are Pastoral Care,
Intercession, Arts, Ministry to the Divorced, Counseling, Community Center,
Restoration Ministry, School of Leadership Development, a Women’s Center, and a Senior Center. C.C.S. also operates various business to support the outreach of the church in the community, including growing and selling fruits and vegetables, catering, utilizing their large facility for community events, and operating a restaurant for the community located on their beautiful campus.