Asociación de Iglesias

Guatemala City - Guatemala


To mobilize and equip the church members of AIE partner churches to address the needs of the urban communities of Villa Nueva y Nueva Esperanza, in Guatemala City, Guatemala.


To unite the Body of Christ to transform our urban communities in Guatemala City.


Over the last six years, the pastors of Asociación de Iglesias Evangélicas have been establishing strong relationships that have resulted in this initiative to work together to strengthen the collective work of their ministries, especially relating to addressing the critical factors that impact the vulnerable residents of their community. AIE is supported by various organizations, including partnerships with ENLACE, Estrategias Urbanas and Camino Alliance.

Villa Nueva and Villa Hermosa are large urban municipalities located outside of Guatemala City characterized by:

  • High population density
  • The majority of residents work in the informal economy
  • Most residents rent
  • The municipality suffers a high rate of violence and gang activity
  • Few public resources are available, including public schools or libraries
  • Few home have internet
  • High sales and consumption of drugs

Current Projects

  • Community Centers to serve children and youth
  • Education initiatives focused on technology
  • Music program for children and youth
  • Providing emergency support for residents suffering from Covid-19
  • Support for Seniors
  • United efforts to develop community leaders
  • Incubate economic development initiatives 
  • Mental health workshops to deal with trauma