Camino Alliance was established to address our nation’s immigration crisis by directly supporting ministries in Mexico, Central America and neighboring countries where families are often forced to flee their home nations to escape poverty and violence.

Camino Alliance connects our grassroots Ministry Partners in Latin America with financial resources from the USA to support their work of helping families that stay, to live more sustainable lives in their own communities.

Camino Alliance prioritizes the engagement of Latinos in the USA in philanthropy focused in Latin America. 60 million Latinos are an economic force in our nation. They are generously contributing a billion dollars every year in remittances to family members in Latin America and the Caribbean. Camino Alliance unleashes the power of that generosity to support grassroots ministries in Latin America.

In our individualistic culture, Camino Alliance introduces a more collective approach to generosity by creating opportunities to join together with friends, family members and like-minded individuals to support ministries in Latin America.

Our Mission

The mission of Camino Alliance is to invite individuals, churches and foundations to support grassroots ministries in Latin America that address the spiritual, physical, economic and social factors that force children and families to flee their countries to escape extreme poverty and violence.

Our Distinctives

  • We partner with grassroots ministries in Latin America not served by larger charities
  • We cultivate Latino donors in the USA to engage in philanthropy in Latin America
  • We provide a way to join with others to practice generosity through our Giving Circle
  • We believe the Way of Jesus calls us to create the World that God intended

Ministry Partners

Camino Alliance Ministry Partners have been carefully selected and share these core commitments:

  • Proclaim and demonstrate the Good News of God’s Kingdom.
  • Address the holistic needs of children and families.
  • Develop sustainable solutions to poverty.
  • Develop grassroot leaders with the skills to stabilize communities.
  • Provide emergency support for children and families during COVID.