Connecting Hearts,
Transforming Futures.

About Us

Camino Alliance was established to address the immigration crisis that exists throughout the Americas by directly supporting grassroots ministry partners in Mexico, Central America and South America where families are often forced to flee their cities and home nations to escape poverty and violence.

We serve as a bridge, connecting grassroots ministry partners in Latin America with financial resources from the United States. This support enables our partners to help families stay and build sustainable lives in their own communities, effectively addressing the underlying issues of urban poverty and violence.

Because everyone deserves
a safe and secure future


The mission of Camino Alliance is to connect individuals, churches, corporations and foundations to support grassroots ministries in Latin America that are working with their communities to address the spiritual, physical, economic and social factors that force children and families to flee their countries to escape extreme poverty and violence.




We believe the Way of Jesus can guide us to create the world that God intended



We partner with grassroots ministries in Latin America not served by larger charities



We cultivate Latino donors in the USA to engage in philanthropy in Latin America



We provide a way to join with others to practice generosity through our Latin America Giving Circle

“Let’s join together to address the root-causes of migration so that children and families can experience the kind of life we desire for our families in their home countries.”

Noel Castellanos,
Founder Camino Alliance


Noel has served as youth worker, pastor, community developer and an activist for Biblical justice in Latino communities in the USA for almost 40 years. Noel served on the staff of the Christian Community Development Association for 14 years, and establish Camino Alliance in 2019 to address the root-causes of migration throughout Latin America. Noel and his beautiful wife Marianne reside in Huntsville, AL when they are not traveling in Latin America.

The Members of Our Board

Dr. Carlo, a distinguished scholar, holds two doctorates—an Ed.D. from Columbia University and Union Theological Seminary, and a D.Min. from Bakke Graduate University. Recognized by numerous local and national organizations, he served as board chairman for a season at the Christian Community Development Association. As a mentor to hundreds nationwide, he shares experiences as an urban pastor, scholar, family man, and devoted follower of Christ. Recently retired as the Dean of Alliance Theological Seminary in NYC, Dr. Carlo now resides in Orlando, FL, with his wife, Elsa.
Mateo Alzate was born in Colombia but grew up for most of his life in Texas and now California. He has a bachelor’s in Christian Leadership from Ecclesia College, he works full time as an urban minister at YWAM San Francisco, he specializes in working with immigrant youth and families. He has 10 years of experience in youth development in the non-profit community development sector. He is also has a Youth Life Coaching practice in the Bay Area. When he’s not working with kids in the neighborhood he loves spending his time playing basketball, surfing, and enjoying a great cup of coffee with his beautiful wife.

Pam was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated from Auburn University in 1983. She served as a volunteer with Urban Young Life for 15 years before beginning her 20 year career in the real estate business in Huntsville, Alabama. Her passion for Camino Alliance stems from its unique mission in addressing root issues of systemic poverty in Latin America. She loves her city and enjoys using her real estate skills to thinking creatively about housing issues for the under resourced. She and her husband, Norm, have been married for 36 years and have three adult children. Besides her family, her passions are running and coffee.

Liz, a Mexico native, moved to the United States at three months old. The first in her family to graduate, she holds a BA in Business Administration and a minor in Spanish from San Jose State University. Joining a government agency part-time, she secured a permanent role post-graduation, leading to a 40-year career in tax administration. Retired, Liz actively engages in community service and volunteers for church and school programs. Her leisure pursuits include travel, photography, and playing the piano. She enjoys exploring the California coast with her husband during his off-hours and finds inspiration in the quote, “Life is all about attitude. Pick a good one.”

Luis is the Founder of Save Our Youth Mentoring, a 28 year-old youth mentoring ministry for at-risk youth in Denver-Metro urban/suburban neighborhoods and also The Masters Apprentice, a ministry training low-income men and women for careers in the construction trades. Luis was Pastor of two Denver urban churches serving impoverished Latino families. Luis is married to Nancy (46 years), has three children and 6 grandchildren. Luis is a Clinical Social Worker by training, and presently serves as Director of Alumni Engagement for ACE Scholarships (funding private education for low-income families).

Matthew Graben lives in Birmingham, Al. He has spent the last decade working in the social enterprise space, specifically, around coffee. Matthew desires to see businesses make the change we want to see in Latin America. He is currently co-founder of CoTrade Imports, a specialty coffee importing company & fund manager of a Birmingham based Angel Fund. He has been married to Marcy for four and a half years.


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